Are your TM44s up to date?

If your system is 12kW or above, it is a mandatory requirement to  have an Air Conditioning Inspection (TM44).Air Conditioning Inspections (TM44) are affected by the effective rated capacity of the air conditioning system rather than the size and type of building and therefore it applies to all domestic, commercial and public properties.

Following the TM44 inspection, a report is generated which states recommendations to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning systems. The report contains information about changes or alterations in the way the system is maintained and operated to recommendations on new or replacement systems. If the recommendations in the Air Conditioning Inspection TM44 reports are to be followed properly, it will potentially reduce the energy bills of the property and also improve its energy rating.

What does a TM44 inspection cover?

The air conditioning inspection will cover the examination of refrigeration and air movement equipment that are part of the air conditioning systems and their controls. It also involves the examination of any documentation which can facilitate the understanding of the system or indicate the level of maintenance the system has undergone.

The TM44 energy assessor also needs to make estimations on whether the system is suitably sized for the cooling loads in the conditioned spaces and suggest ways in which the performance of the system can be improved.
The TM44 inspector needs access to equipment that may be situated in plant rooms, or externally such as rooftops or other locations around the building with limited provision for access.

By all means, the building owner or manager should assist in safe access for the energy assessor, complying with relevant health and safety risk assessment of the situation. The energy assessor may need to be accompanied by the person responsible at all times.

The air conditioning assessor might need some additional access, such as the inside of AHUs. While providing this access, the building owner/maintenance agent must prioritise the safety of the energy assessor and the building occupants. This would require the system to be shut down to allow safe access so it is convenient for the building owners to accommodate the arrangement outside of working hours to avoid disruption in their usual function. The energy assessor may also need to access samples of the different components of the air conditioning system, such as fan coil units which are usually concealed inside suspended ceilings. Again, access to these locations should be provided by the building manager.
Air conditioning inspection does not include the identification of hazardous or unsafe aspects of installation, operation or inappropriate maintenance regimes nor does it include fixing any problem that is identified in the inspection; however Woodford FM can assist with this if required.

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