Over the next decade, countries across Europe must work towards strong environmental goals which is creating a demand for new technologies to help them on their path to carbon neutrality. Used to provide domestic hot water for commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, care comes and leisure centres, the air to water heat pump uses CO2 as a refrigerant fluid to maintain a high-efficiency performance under low ambient temperatures.

The system can provide hot water from 60⁰C -90⁰C without a requirement for electrical immersion heaters back up, however these can still be added for additional resilience.
The pumps can be installed in a modular array of up to 16 units for 480KW (30Kw per unit ) that would provide good resilience as the failure of a single unit has a limited impact on the availability of hot water capacity.
The system also includes hot water buffers to recharge and supply HWS.

Woodford will be working towards incorporating these pumps in our future projects in a bid to be more sustainable.

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