Facilities Management really is coming more into focus as we continue to think about the OPEX of our buildings rather than just the CAPEX. As major institutional investors start to vote with their decisions; more now than ever; into green buildings, the FM services comes sharply into focus. This trend isn’t a fashion, a fad or a temporary distraction, its very real and we need to tune in to the opportunities that astute FM providers can help us with when considering whole life costs and ultimately the entire embodied carbon of our built environment.

Over the last 25 years Woodford have supported their own installations with an inhouse FM team and aftercare service. The team has grown and we are expanding our offering as our clients expectations continue to rise. As well as the after-care service for large scale residential developments, Sheaun and his team are also looking after assisted living developments, restaurants both individual and growing chains and commercial property FM.

On existing buildings, we are looking much more closely at reducing waste during operation. We need to ensure we all have the best opportunity to recycle and maximise efficient energy use. Our FM team are controlled by a dedicated help desk via a Joblogic CAFM system. We have multiple FM partners and a dedicated supply chain for all FM requirements.

Sheaun and his team are currently working on energy centres, individual apartments, HIU servicing, leaks and all elements of residential plumbing. We are also conducting risk assessments for water, fire, asbestos and we look at other commercial items such a racking and IOT and asset tagging.

We currently achieve 80% first time fix on all calls and we arrive with 95% of our KPI response time, so if you need something done quickly and to a high standard, get in touch.

Andrew Barker